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About Electronic Cigarettes by ZEROCIG

Posted by ZEROCIG on 12/20/2011 to About Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic avatar of the original cigarette that tries to replicate the actual cigarette in its flavor, content, appearance, and sensation is an e cigarette. According to the e cigarette reviews, there are many kinds of e cigarettes available.

There are many substitutes to cigarettes, but e-cigs have created a storm in the market due to its unique resemblance with the original product.

According to the e cigarette reviews, this two-piece electornic cigarette, spurs the consumers to sign their petition with the world health organization. This clearly proves that it is much less harmful for your health than the traditional ones. However, it closely mimics the original form. It comes in 2 traditional flavors i.e, classic tobacco, menthol. Each cartridge of an E-Cig is equivalent to 30 cigarettes of the conventional form. It can contain 16mg, 11mg, 0 mg which is no nicotine content. The best feature being, it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from ZEROCIG