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E Cig Vending Machine

The ZEROCIG Vape Machine Is A "State Of The Art "Touch Screen" Electronic Cigarette Vending Machine. We spared no expense designing the industry's first state of the art & completely wireless / secure ZEROCIG e cig vending machine, including a MANDATORY AGE VERIFICATION SYSTEM!

e cig vending machine

We are currently seeking out & working with high volume retail to locate the ZEROCIG Vape Machine near you!

Franchise Opportunity!

You now have the ability to own your own piece of ZEROCIG!
Have a location/s for your own ZEROCIG Vape Machine? The ZEROCIG Vape Machine is available for individual purchase as well, allowing you place and sell ZEROCIG products as a ZEROCIG Vape Machine Owner!

To Inquire:
Sales@ZEROCIG.com / Subject: Vending Machine

ZEROCIG E Cigarette Vending Machine Specs:

The machines are equipped with advanced technology, which includes:
- Surveillance and anti-theft protection

- High resolution software program, which allows you the capability to monitor your stock and vending machine remotely.

- Video screen that allows you to showcase all ZEROCIG products. You can even sell advertisement, which will display on your monitor

- A highly secured WI-FI transaction and management technology. This allows you to receive each transaction in real time.

- AGE VERIFICATION: buyer needs to swipe his/her ID card, such as driver license through the Card Reader before the purchasing.

This machine can be put on a secured free standing or fixed on the wall. You just plug the power, that’s it, you are ready to use. The system features a 32″ touch screen display that gives consumers the product information they need to make decisions to buy with cash or cashless payment. The system also provides real-time reports on product selling and feeding with a highly secured WI-FI transaction and management technology. This special LCD screens brings also advertising directly to attentive consumers at the point of purchase.


- Dimensions: 23.25” wide x 46.25” high x 16.25” deep
- Weight: 200 lbs
- 5 trays with up to 3 different selections on each
- Merchandises up to 15 SKUs and 250 items

- 1.5mm thick galvanized steel
- Protection from corrosion and rust
- Three-anchor point support plate closure
- Safety lock and crowbar-proof strip