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Electronic Cigarettes - Providing a Better Alternative

Posted by ZeroCig on 2/16/2012 to About Electronic Cigarettes
There are many reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes, and most smokers that have not yet made the switch are unaware of the benefits they may be missing. To help educate and share this helpful knowledge, here are just a few of these benefits and how they can change your smoking experience.
One of the most common reasons smokers switch to electronic cigarettes is health related. It is widely known that along with nicotine, traditional cigarettes produce thousands of unwanted chemicals, carcinogens, and tar. Electronic cigarettes produce non-toxic water vapor containing only nicotine, and even some without nicotine! So, youre not only removing unwanted and toxic chemicals, but also eliminating smoke altogether.
Another reason for switching is cost. In addition to health related cost, the price of traditional cigarettes continues to increase each year. Depending on intake, one could spend as much on traditional cigarettes as food! Fortunately, Electronic cigarettes are typically much cheaper than the classic cigarette. Part of this is related to reusable units that require recharging a battery and refilling the nicotine juice, or simply attaching a new cartridge (aka cartomizer). Smokeless cigarettes are not taxed as heavily as traditional cigarettes, helping them remain a more affordable alternative.
In the past several years, it has become difficult for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes wherever and whenever they please. First was the ban on smoking in-doors, and now some places no longer allow smoking on the premises at all! Electronic cigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke, which quickly evaporates without leaving any smoke or powerful odors. This allows an e cigarette smoker to puff away in a public place without having to worry about smoke or odor affecting others nearby. These smokeless cigarettes also prevent hands and clothes from smelling which even the most conscientious smoker cannot hide. Most bars and restaurants allow the use of smokeless cigarettes inside, but it would be best to verify this with the establishments in your area.
Health, cost, and freedom are a few of the benefits, but this only scratches the surface. If you are considering switching to electronic cigarettes, ZeroCig can help by providing quality e cigarette products at one of the cheapest prices on the market today. Visit the ZeroCig home page or click here to browse our Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits.