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Smokeless Cigarettes...What's The Deal?

Posted by zerocig on 7/19/2012 to Why ZEROCIG?
Smokeless Cigarettes also known as a electronic cigarette  have grown in popularity in the US 10 FOLD since 2009.

WHY? You ask. It really is simple and honestly amazing.
Smokers know have a real choice for traditional cigarettes that NEVER really existed before.

Smokeless Cigarettes allow the user to simulate smoking BUT not actually smoke!
The smoke is there (ACTUALLY ITS VAPOR), the throat hit is there and the nicotine satisfaction is there.

But what is not there is what is really impressive!

E Cigarettes operate on a rechargeable battery and flavored cartridge (contains nicotine).
The user operates it by simply inhaling as they would a regular cigarette and it is really that simple.

But back to the point!  E Cigs do not produce a awful smell, contain no tar, carcinogens and have no cancer causing agent!!! WHAT!!! YES!!! 

To good to be true? Well, it use to be. But the day of putting down that smelly cigarette has arrived and providing this amazing technology to the public at an affordable price is ZEROCIG's mission!