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E-cigarettes won’t help a smoker quit?

Posted by Administrator on 1/29/2013 to E Cigarette News
It seems the battery-operated electronic cigarette is not a safe alternative to tobacco for smokers who are finding it difficult to quit. An online story of the Deccan Herald, which came out Sunday, said experts had warned that what was being touted as a healthier alternative to smoking could be even more damaging. “Experts say in order to vaporize the nicotine solution, the chemical propylene glycol was put into the cartridges,” the report said. It quoted Dr. Elisabeth Pott, director of the Federal Center of Health Education in Cologne, Germany, who said the chemical, which accounted for up to 90 percent of the e-cigarette’s content, could “cause acute respiratory irritation.” The news report also cited an analysis conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2009, which “found traces of the carcinogen nitrosamine and other potentially harmful substances,” plus ethanol and glycerin, in several e-cigarette brands. In the Philippines, anti-smoking advocates had already expressed concern about the growing popularity of e-cigarettes. A local newspaper report said the Department of Health (DOH) had pointed out that the use of e-cigarettes would not help smokers quit. Anthony Leachon, DOH consultant for noncommunicable diseases, said the product would make it easy for smokers to resume their habit. Instead of using e-cigarettes, he advised smokers to seek professional help if they wanted to quit. The news report said Maricar Limpin, executive director of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines, said the e-cigarette could also be addictive as the vapor it produced contained nicotine. People who used the e-cigarette could remain addicted to nicotine and not know where the substance was coming from. Limpin pointed out the product was flavored to hide the taste of nicotine. So what is it really? What’s a ‘gray unit’?