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New Smokeless Cigarettes & Accessories Come To ZeroCig

Posted by ZeroCig on 4/9/2012 to New ZeroCig Products
Not only are smokeless cigarettes continuing to rapidly grow in popularity, the accessories now available and technology powering them is also reaching heights. ZeroCig is definitely staying ahead of the pack with its recent release of the MaxDRAW cartomizer, Georgie battery kit, and the ZeroCig Aristo Rechargeable E-Cigar. ZeroCig is excited to bring this new technology to the e-cigarette market and continues to take the vaping experience to a new level.
Tobacco Original - MaxDRAW MaxDRAW - Most e-cigarettes require a strong inhale to produce a satisfactory amount of vapor. However, the draw from a MaxDRAW requires almost no effort. Being a better ventilated cartomizer enables you to inhale as you would with a traditional cigarette. And because the e-liquid is not stored in a soaked piece of material, the flavor is pure and tastes how it is intended. The combined result is a smokeless cigarette that produces large clouds of vapor with a much more distinguishable taste. For those of you who want more kick with your e-cig, the MaxDRAW has increased its maximum strength to 18mg. With more than one year of research and development, ZeroCig is confident the MaxDRAW will truly provide the best vaping experience of any cartomizer on the market today.
GEORGIE - Battery Kit! 650 mAH - 1 Free Refill PackGeorgie Battery Kit - One of the most important pieces of a great smokeless cigarette is a strong battery. The new Georgie battery kit steps up the power to provide a more enjoyable and longer lasting experience. The Georgie provides 650 mAH of power, resulting in greater vapor production and 4-6 hours of vaping time. It also works with all of the ZeroCig cartomizers, which means you can continue to enjoy all your favorite flavors in a whole new way. Combined with the new MaxDRAW cartomizer, the Georgie is the best electronic cigarette for vaping enthusiasts and novices alike.
ZC ARISTO Rechargeable E-Cigar (CUBAN)Aristo Rechargeable E-Cigar - If you are a cigar enthusiast, or just enjoy the occasional cigar, ZeroCig has brought you the benefits of smokeless technology with the new Aristo rechargeable E-Cigar. The Aristo looks, performs, and tastes just a like a real, quality cigar and is definitely the best e-cigar available today. Each cartomizer provides 1,000 puffs, which is equivalent to 10 high end cigars. The rechargeable battery has plenty of power to produce thick clouds of vapor that cigar smokers love. The Aristo also comes with a high quality gift box, making it a great gift to those cigar loving friends. If you are only an occasional cigar smoker, the Aristo has a 5 year shelf life and does not require a humidifier.
With each release of new smokeless cigarette technology, ZeroCig continues to strive towards enhancing the vaping experience for all e-cigarette users. If you would like to learn more about these new ZeroCig products, or to purchase your ZeroCig e-cigarette starter kit, please visit click here: MaxDRAW, Georgie Battery Kit, Aristo Rechargeable E-Cigar .