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Weekly E Cigarette Tip By ZEROCIG

Posted by Electronic Cigarettes on 12/2/2011 to E Cigarette Tips By ZEROCIG
So here is a little tip on how to get the best vapor production from your e Cigarette by ZEROCIG!

As you may know, electronic cigarettes by ZEROCIG are 2 piece e cigarettes. This means they have a battery and Cartomizer (the cartridge).

Each Cartridge has its very own built in atomizer! What does this mean? It means, every time you switch out your old cartridge you are getting a brand new atomizer as well.

The atomizer element in the cartomizer (cartridge) is hidden of course within the cartomizer (cartridge).


To Ensure BEST vapor production, simply take slower and longer draws from your e cigarette by ZEROCIG!

This is specially important when you 1st start using a new cartridge as it gradually heats up the atomizer which allows for a wonderful even flow of vapor with each and every draw!