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What Not To Do With Your E Cigarette by ZEROCIG

Posted by Electronic Cigarette By ZEROCIG on 12/4/2011 to Electronic Cigarette Best Practices
Electronic Cigarette Best Practices!

What Not To Do With Your E Cigarette by ZEROCIG.

As you know, electronic cigarettes by ZEROCIG come with Pre-filled cartridges.

A common practice of DRIPPING or Refilling your cartridge/cartomizer is NOT a Best Practice!

Why? Dripping or Refilling your cartridges/cartomizer may sound like a good idea, but if even over filled by just the slightest amount can cause your cartomizer/cartridge to LEAK into the ZEROCIG Electronic Cigarette Battery.

This is NOT good as it is a BATTERY! 

Liquids and Batteries do not mix well as you can imagine and in most case can cause your e cig battery to short out and fail completely.

Further more, a battery  defected in this manor actually void any warranty of the e cigarette battery by ZEROCIG.

Keep your batteries safe...Don't Drip.